About us

Molly's Crepe Escape since 2008 on-slope mountain takeout restaurant Taos Ski Valley, New MexicoMolly’s Crepe Escape – Since 2008.

Molly and her crepe crew have been serving fresh, made-to-order, savory and sweet crepes in the Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico, Colorado, and throughout the Southwest since 2008.

Molly’s Crepe Escape started as a mobile crepe cart at the base of the Taos Ski Valley  in 2008 making delicious crepes in the open air for day skiers, and visitors lodging in the Taos Ski Valley, before they went up the mountain, or as they came down.

Molly's Crepe Escape since 2008 on-slope mountain take-out restaurant Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

By 2011, Molly had become well known for quality crepe creations and she moved her business up the mountain to bring filling meat lover, light veggie, and sweet dessert crepes to skiers and riders on-slope. Molly’s Crepe Escape on-slope mountain take-out restaurant wintered at the base of lift 6.

Molly's Crepe Escape since 2008 Base Area Location Toas Ski Valley, New Mexico



In 2014, Molly’s Crepe Escape opened a second location in the Base Area of the Taos Ski Valley at 8A Thunderbird Road. Here, Molly serves gourmet coffee, homemade confections, and chocolates in addition to her trademark crepes.

Molly’s on-slope location moved down to the Base Area  on Thunderbird Road in 2016 where we serve our renowned hot, made-to-order crepes as well as refreshing beverages, and tasty confections.

Telluride Bluegrass Molly's Crepe Escape since 2008


When the snow melts,  Molly’s Crepe Escape comes down the mountain  and goes  On the Road! in a catering food truck. We travel to local community, music, and art festivals in New Mexico and Colorado to make savory and sweet crepes to the sound of good music and fun times!


Molly’s Crepe Escape has an experienced catering crew that makes every occasion memorable. Call us, (575) 741-1413, for information about how we can contribute to the success of your birthday party, corporate event, festival, family reunion, art show, or other special occasion!

Molly's Crepe Escape since 2009 on-slope mountain take-out restuarant, Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico , Sepcialty crepe


Each day we serve hand crafted crepes using our homemade batter topped with the freshest ingredients.  We continue to develop new, and improve on existing, crepe recipes to satisfy ever changing palates while at the same time staying committed to a quality, fresh product for our customers.


We are thankful for our many diners who come back to Molly’s Crepe Escape and offer a VIC Card (Very Important Crepe Card) loyalty program. Buy eight crepes and then get one free after presenting your punched VIC card.