Molly’s Crepe Escape, Santa Fe Wine Festival, New Mexico

On July 5th and 6th, Molly’s Crepe Escape catering food truck will be at El Rancho de las Golondrinas for the 21st annual Santa Fe Wine Festival.

Santa Fe Wine Festival 2014

The location, at the El Rancho de las Golondrinas, is a 300+ year old Spanish colonial ranch which was a rest stop on El Camino Real, the road to Mexico City. This living history museum provides a unique atmosphere to taste the wines of 17 New Mexican vineyards.

Molly’s Crepe Escape catering food truck will be serving meat, vegetable, and sweet crepes  at the Santa Fe Wine Festival to accompany your wine so that you have an optimal tasting experience.

July Crepe Specials

  •  Strawberries & Cream
  •  Chicken Pesto (homemade pesto, zucchini, roasted chicken, mozzarella, and tomato)


Molly's Crepe Escape Catering Food truck, Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Stop by and cleanse your palate before  you return to tasting!

We look forward to seeing you!


Molly’s Crepe Escape, Telluride Bluegrass, Telluride Colorado

Molly’s Crepe Escape catering food truck is back for the 4th year at the 41st annual Telluride Bluegrass. We will be on the town park serving made-to-order crepes for the veggie, sweet, and meat lover using the freshest ingredients. We’ll be there from June 19-22. This year the Summer Solstice gives us more time to sit back and enjoy the Bluegrass that is uniquely Telluride while savoring a delicious crepe creation and sipping a cold beverage.

Telluride Bluegrass

Our crepe specials for the month of June include:

  • The  Gordo, a hearty crepe with egg, sausage or ham, cheddar cheese & green chili.
  • The Banana & Dark Chocolate dessert crepe.

Telluride is a National Historic Landmark District in the San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado. The buildings represent a 19th century mining frontier boom town. Be sure to check out the town and venture out to explore. There is so much to do: terrific hikes, mountain biking trails, hot springs, riding trails, and local tourist attractions. Discover Telluride!


Molly’s Crepe Escape, FIBArk, Salida, Colorado

The crepe crew had terrific time watching raft racers and serving up crepes at the 66th FIBArk in Salida, Colorado!Molly's Crepe Escape, fresh made-to-order sweet and savory crepe

Each year Salida hosts FIBArk, First in Boating on the Arkansas, the nation’s oldest whitewater festival. Paddlers come from around the world to compete in the boat races and to participate in the river and community activities organized for the festival.

FIBArk whitewater festival 2014, Salida, Colorado

Smokey the Bear, FIBArk whitewater festival 2014, Salida, Colorado

It was great to see everyone as you stopped by for an energy break; we even got to meet Smokey the Bear as he enjoyed a Molly’s Crepe Escape creation fresh from our catering food truck!


Molly’s Crepe Escape, Folk ‘N Bluegrass, Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Molly's Crepe Escape catering food truck, Folk n' Bluegrass, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Molly’s Crepe Escape at Folk N’ Bluegrass, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Fans at Pagosa Folk ‘N Bluegrass came to the woods near Pagosa Springs, nestled in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, to enjoy the bluegrass, newgrass, folk and acoustic music of dynamic performers.

While tapping their feet to the tunes, fans enjoyed made-to-order, sweet and savory crepes, from Molly’s Crepe Escape and went bananas over Molly’s June Crepe Special, the Banana & Dark Chocolate dessert crepe!

Thank you Pagosa for a great weekend and a personal thank you to Jack for being a great crepe eater!