Crepes are made-to-order, with the freshest ingredients, using our homemade batters.

Savory Crepes

Alpine – ham & swiss cheese

 Eden – fresh spinach, sauteed mushrooms, and feta cheese

Taosaeno – roasted green chili, ham, and cheddar cheese

Chicken Pesto –  homemade pesto, roasted chicken, mozzarella, and tomato

Dessert Crepes

Lemon & Butter – Cinnamon – Nutella – Blueberry

Dark Chocolate – Banana & Dark Chocolate

Dessert crepes are topped with whipped cream, upon request

Specialty Crepes

Florentine – roasted chicken and spinach in a creamy parisian sauce

Banjo – bacon, blue cheese, and pepper jelly

Napoli – mozzarella, ham, and tomato

Gordo – egg, sausage or ham, cheddar cheese,  and green chili

Shreddin’ Veggie – mushroom, spinach,  cheddar cheese, tomato

Paradise – strawberries, banana, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream

Tropicana – toasted coconut, pineapple, creme de leche


 * Bottled Water * Assorted Sodas* Sparkling Water * Fresh Brewed Iced Tea * Raspberry Lemonade * * Coffee * Chai * Hot Chocolate * Frozen Hot Chocolate *

  -We have buckwheat crepes, a gluten free alternative.
      - Create Your Crepe by choosing from our fresh ingredients         
  - Specials based on seasonal produce; local produce used, when possible. 
       - VIC (Very Important Crepe) Card loyalty program.

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