Upgrades Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley is moving forward with upgrades and the development is evident throughout the valley from the opening of the Kachina Peak lift to the development of the base area.

As you all know last year Molly’s Crepe Escape, opened a location in the TSV Base Area, in addition to our On-Slope location where we serve our legendary fresh, made-to-order, sweet and savory crepes as well as artisan chocolates.  While the resort upgrades, so do we and we look forward to growing in TSV.

Our base area location provides the best place to eat in Taos on-slope and in the base area with our casual, relaxed, takeout atmosphere. In addition to our signature hearty, made-to-order, sweet and savory crepes we also have bottled still and sparkling water, assorted sodas, and hot drinks. Our base area location also has a wide selection of aritisan chocolates, groumet coffee, and fruit smoothies.DSCN3083

Next season, the resort will open a new hotel in the base area which will bring more new retail shops and services to the resort. Saw this article on what is happening in TSV and thought it to be of interest to all of us working to make TSV the number one ski destination!

Just reading about it makes me hungry – Time for a piping hot Taosaeno Crepe at Molly’s Crepe Escape!!



What is a Crepe?

What is a Crepe?

The crepe, which is said to have originated in Brittany, France about 1000 years ago, is a thin pancake that can be made from white, wheat, or buckwheat flour, eggs, milks, butter, and salt. The batter is poured evenly onto a hotplate and sweet or savory ingredients are added to taste.

A crepe can be a light snack or a hearty meal.  A savory crepe is usually a meal that may contain fresh vegetables, meat, and/or cheese. A sweet crepe is a delicious dessert that is filled with ingredients such as chocolate, or seasonal fruit, and can be topped with whipped cream or sprinkled with sugar.

Molly’s Crepe Escape menu has a large selection of sweet, savory, and specialty crepes. There is no limit to the ingredient combinations that can make your crepe scrumptious. If you are feeling creative, try choosing from our fresh ingredients to Create Your Crepe.